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Tap into New Revenue Today by Joining the Bigasoft Affiliate Program

Join Bigasoft affiliate program, earn up to 75% commission right now! Joining is free and getting started is simple. We offer 75% commission and all new affiliates are automatically approved. All these products have trial versions that allow users download and try it.

It's no secret that web sites can be a flexible source of revenue. The Bigasoft Affiliate program makes it easy to turn your website, blog, or newsletter into an online business. The affiliate program gives you the opportunity to offer industry-leading products to your visitors - and make money doing it...

Why become a Bigasoft Corporation Affiliate? Have you ever told a friend or colleague about a Bigasoft product, and in-turn they bought it? Why not get paid for it? With the Bigasoft Affiliate program you can get paid for referring your friends, colleagues, and website visitors.

Step 1. Enroll

Start with visiting Regnow.com at http://www.regnow.com/signup/affiliate?auto_vendor=21721. Complete an online sign-up form, and then you will receive affiliate ID via email. RegNow provides a safe and effective online purchasing solution. Get custom build of our products and start to make money!

Step 2. Promote

Using your unique affiliate ID, publish the supplied banners, or your own custom content on your website.

How to sell products as an affiliate?

Directly link to RegNow with the product's order form with http://www.regnow.com/softsell/nph-softsell.cgi?item=21721-1&&affiliate=XXXXX

Put the product ID in RegNow after "item", and your RegNow affiliate ID after "affiliate".

What is RegNow custom build?

According to the statistic of Digital River, Inc., 75% users will prefer a direct trial download before purchase. By the help of Bigasoft 100% track custom build, it is realizable and easy for you to provide software trial download and encourage your users to download a trial version on your website, blog, or newsletter. Because the Buy link in our RegNow custom build file is embedded with your affiliate ID, if users buy a product from the purchase links on your own trial version, you will immediately get your commission!

Make custom build for Windows products:
For example, suppose that your affiliate ID is XXXXX, and you want to build custom version of Bigasoft iPhone Ringtone Maker. First, please download Bigasoft iPhone Ringtone Maker, and then rename b-iphone-ringtone-maker.exe to b-iphone-ringtone-maker-XXXXX.exe, so your custom version is generated.

Make custom build for Mac products:
Take making custom build for Bigasoft Total Video Converter for Mac for example. Suppose that your affiliate ID is XXXXX. Please first download Bigasoft Total Video Converter for Mac, and then rename b-total-video-converter.dmg to b-total-video-converter-mac-(regnow-XXXXX).dmg, then your custom version is generated.

Step 3. Earn

When your visitors, subscribers, and colleagues buy Bigasoft products, your account will be updated (real-time) to show the commission you've earned.

It's that easy! Join the Bigasoft Affiliate program today and start earning...

Join the Bigasoft Affiliate Program, Get Started Now...

Bigasoft Corporation PAD Files
Affiliate Products RegNow IDPrice(us$)Commi-ssionEarned(us$) Download LinkBuy LinkPAD Link
Total Video Converter
Total solution for various video conversions
21721-18$37.0075%$27.75 DownloadBuy PAD
Total Video Converter for Mac
Convert between various video files on Mac
21721-34$37.0075%$27.75 DownloadBuy PAD
iPhone Ringtone Maker
Make your personalized iPhone ringtone easily
21721-1$14.9575%$11.21 DownloadBuy PAD
WTV Converter
Convert WTV to any video and audio formats
21721-64$29.9575%$22.46 DownloadBuy PAD
iPod Transfer
Copy from iPod/iPhone/iPad to computer
21721-19$24.9575%$18.71 DownloadBuy PAD
iPad Video Converter
Convert various video to iPad video with ease
21721-40$29.9575%$22.46 DownloadBuy PAD
iPad Video Converter for Mac
Convert High-definition video to Mac iPad MP4
21721-42$29.9575%$22.46 DownloadBuy PAD
Audio Converter for Mac
Convert audio/video to any audio file on Mac
21721-37$24.9575%$18.71 DownloadBuy PAD
Video Downloader Pro
Download and Convert Video in HD, 3D, SD
21721-102$37.0075%$27.75 DownloadBuy PAD
Video Downloader Pro for Mac
Download/Convert Video to MP3, MP4 on Mac
21721-103$37.0075%$27.75 DownloadBuy PAD
iPod Transfer for Mac
Transfer music from iPod, iPhone, iPad to Mac
21721-48$24.9575%$18.71 DownloadBuy PAD
iPhone Ringtone Maker for Mac
Make and transfer own iPhone ringtone for Mac
21721-33$14.9575%$11.21 DownloadBuy PAD
iMovie Converter for Mac
Convert for import any video clip to iMovie
21721-47$29.9575%$22.46 DownloadBuy PAD
Audio Converter
Convert to audio for taking music anywhere
21721-10$24.9575%$18.71 DownloadBuy PAD
QuickTime Converter for Mac
Convert WMV, AVI, MKV etc. to QuickTime MOV
21721-53$29.9575%$22.46 DownloadBuy PAD
Video Downloader
Download Video in HD, 3D, 1080p, 720p
21721-104$29.0075%$21.75 DownloadBuy PAD
YouTube to iMovie Converter
Professional YouTube to iMovie converter
21721-51$29.9575%$22.46 DownloadBuy PAD
VOB Converter for Mac
Mac VOB Converter to Convert DVDs for Mac OSX
21721-86$34.9575%$26.21 DownloadBuy PAD
VOB Converter
Rip VOB to watch anywhere and save DVD discs
21721-85$34.9575%$26.21 DownloadBuy PAD
AVI to iMovie Converter for Mac
Convert and import AVI to iMovie with ease
21721-49$29.9575%$22.46 DownloadBuy PAD
iTunes Video Converter
Convert to import AVI, WMV, MKV to iTunes
21721-72$29.9575%$22.46 DownloadBuy PAD
WMV Converter for Mac
Convert various videos to WMV on Mac fast.
21721-61$19.9575%$14.96 DownloadBuy PAD
FLAC Converter for Mac
FLAC Converter Mac to convert FLAC on Mac OSX
21721-74$19.9575%$14.96 DownloadBuy PAD
ProRes Converter for Mac
Fast encode video to/from Apple ProRes MOV
21721-79$29.9575%$22.46 DownloadBuy PAD
ASF Converter
Easily convert your media to ASF or WMV video
21721-13$15.0075%$11.25 DownloadBuy PAD
AVCHD Converter
Convert AVCHD to MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV and more
21721-62$31.9575%$23.96 DownloadBuy PAD
MP3 Converter for Mac
Convert MP3 on Mac or Convert to MP3 on Mac
21721-67$19.9575%$14.96 DownloadBuy PAD
MP4 Converter
Convert video to MP4 with excellent quality
21721-3$29.0075%$21.75 DownloadBuy PAD
RealPlayer Converter
Fast convert Real video and Real audio
21721-66$19.9575%$14.96 DownloadBuy PAD
MKV Converter
Convert MKV for playback wherever you are.
21721-8$21.9575%$16.46 DownloadBuy PAD
BlackBerry Ringtone Maker
An easy way to make ringtones for BlackBerry
21721-2$9.9575%$7.46 DownloadBuy PAD
AVCHD Converter for Mac
Convert AVCHD to MOV, MP4, AVI, etc on Mac
21721-63$31.9575%$23.96 DownloadBuy PAD
3GP Converter
Converts video to 3GP for fun on cell phone
21721-7$19.0075%$14.25 DownloadBuy PAD
BlackBerry Video Converter
Convert video to BlackBerry for watching film
21721-6$29.0075%$21.75 DownloadBuy PAD
AVI Converter
Convert any video to AVI or MPEG with ease
21721-14$24.9575%$18.71 DownloadBuy PAD
MKV Converter for Mac
Convert MKV to MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, FLV on Mac
21721-60$21.9575%$16.46 DownloadBuy PAD
RealPlayer Converter for Mac
Fast convert RealVideo/RealAudio file on Mac
21721-68$19.9575%$14.96 DownloadBuy PAD
FLV Converter
Convert FLV to PC, iPod, iPhone, PSP, Mobile
21721-16$19.9575%$14.96 DownloadBuy PAD
WebM Converter
Convert WebM and VP8 from/to any video
21721-54$39.9575%$29.96 DownloadBuy PAD
WebM Converter for Mac
Create WebM/VP8 from any format video on Mac
21721-55$39.9575%$29.96 DownloadBuy PAD
iPhone Software Suite
A discount iPhone software suite for iPhone
21721-31$48.9575%$36.71 DownloadBuy PAD
3GP Converter for Mac
Convert video to 3GP for cell phone on Mac
21721-39$19.0075%$14.25 DownloadBuy PAD
M4A Converter for Mac
Convert M4A to MP3, WAV, AIFF, AAC, OGG, WMA
21721-69$19.9575%$14.96 DownloadBuy PAD
QuickTime Converter
Easily convert QuickTime to AVI, WMV and MPEG
21721-15$19.9575%$14.96 DownloadBuy PAD
iPhone Video Converter
Convert video to watch on iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS
21721-5$24.9575%$18.71 DownloadBuy PAD
PSP Video Converter
Convert video to watch movie on Sony PSP, PS3
21721-9$19.0075%$14.25 DownloadBuy PAD
iPod Video Converter
Video conversion for watching movies on iPod
21721-4$29.0075%$21.75 DownloadBuy PAD
BlackBerry Ringtone Maker for Mac
Make and transfer BlackBerry ring tone on Mac
21721-35$9.9575%$7.46 DownloadBuy PAD
FLV Converter for Mac
Convert FLV (YouTube) videos at will for Mac.
21721-44$19.9575%$14.96 DownloadBuy PAD
PSP Video Converter for Mac
Convert videos to PSP/PS3 MP4 format for Mac.
21721-38$19.0075%$14.25 DownloadBuy PAD
BlackBerry Video Converter for Mac
Convert any video file to BlackBerry on Mac
21721-43$29.0075%$21.75 DownloadBuy PAD
Zune Video Converter
Convert movie collection for watching on Zune
21721-17$28.9075%$21.68 DownloadBuy PAD
M4A Converter
Convert M4a to WAV, MP3, OGG and vice versa
21721-65$19.9575%$14.96 DownloadBuy PAD
BlackBerry Software Pack
Hot BlackBerry software pack for BlackBerry
21721-32$47.9575%$35.96 DownloadBuy PAD
WMV Converter
Convert to WMV video and WMA audio format
21721-11$21.9575%$16.46 DownloadBuy PAD
iPod Software Pack
A discount iPod software pack for iPod users
21721-30$52.9575%$39.71 DownloadBuy PAD
ASF Converter for Mac
Convert ASF, HD ASF to AVI, MP4, MPEG, etc.
21721-70$19.9575%$14.96 DownloadBuy PAD
MOV Converter
Convert MOV files or Convert to MOV formats
21721-12$29.0075%$21.75 DownloadBuy PAD
AVI Converter for Mac
Convert MP4, MOV, ProRes to AVI on Mac
21721-58$24.9575%$18.71 DownloadBuy PAD
WTV Converter for Mac
Convert and edit WTV on Mac
21721-71$29.9575%$22.46 DownloadBuy PAD
MP4 Converter for Mac
Convert various video to MP4 format on Mac
21721-59$29.0075%$21.75 DownloadBuy PAD
iPod Video Converter for Mac
Convert any movie file to iPod MP4 for Mac OS
21721-36$29.0075%$21.75 DownloadBuy PAD
iPhone Video Converter for Mac
The best iPhone Video Converter for Mac
21721-52$24.9575%$18.71 DownloadBuy PAD
iTunes Video Converter for Mac
Convert to import AVI, WMV to iTunes on Mac
21721-73$29.9575%$22.46 DownloadBuy PAD
VOB to iMovie Converter for Mac
Convert and import VOB to iMovie easily.
21721-91$34.9575%$26.21 DownloadBuy PAD
VOB to iPad Converter for Mac
Convert VOB to iPad MP4, H.264 for Mac users.
21721-88$29.9575%$22.46 DownloadBuy PAD
VOB to AVI Converter
Convert VOB to AVI, MPEG or MPG video formats
21721-92$29.0075%$21.75 DownloadBuy PAD
VOB to iPod Converter
Convert VOB to iPod video MP4,H.264 with ease
21721-97$29.0075%$21.75 DownloadBuy PAD
VOB to iPhone Converter for Mac
Convert VOB to iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS/3G/2G
21721-101$24.9575%$18.71 DownloadBuy PAD
VOB to iPhone Converter
Convert VOB to iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS/3G/2G
21721-100$24.9575%$18.71 DownloadBuy PAD
VOB to MP4 Converter
Simply convert VOB to MP4 for MP4 players
21721-89$29.0075%$21.75 DownloadBuy PAD
VOB to PSP Converter
Convert VOB to PSP, PS3 and PS2 video MP4
21721-90$29.0075%$21.75 DownloadBuy PAD
VOB to WebM Converter for Mac
Convert VOB to WebM/VP8 with ease on Mac OS X
21721-96$39.9975%$29.99 DownloadBuy PAD
VOB to Zune Converter
Convert VOB to Zune HD and Zune video WMV/MP4
21721-98$29.0075%$21.75 DownloadBuy PAD
VOB to WMV Converter
VOB to WMV converter best converts DVD to WMV
21721-99$29.0075%$21.75 DownloadBuy PAD
VOB to 3GP Converter
Fast Convert VOB to 3GP with high quality.
21721-93$29.0075%$21.75 DownloadBuy PAD
VOB to WebM Converter
Batch Convert VOB to WebM fast and easily
21721-95$39.9975%$29.99 DownloadBuy PAD
VOB to BlackBerry Converter
Convert VOB to BlackBerry AVI, MP4, 3GP, WMV
21721-94$29.0075%$21.75 DownloadBuy PAD
AVI to MP4 Converter for Mac
Easily convert AVI file to MP4 fast in batch.
21721-76$21.9575%$16.46 DownloadBuy PAD
Video Downloader for Mac
The best Video Downloader for Mac OS X
21721-105$19.9575%$14.96 DownloadBuy PAD
MPC Converter
Convert MPC to MP3, WAV, AC3, OGG, AIFF
21721-78$19.9575%$14.96 DownloadBuy PAD
Facebook Downloader
Facebook Downloader, Facebook MP3 Converter
21721-84$21.9575%$16.46 DownloadBuy PAD
VOB to iPad Converter
VOB converter for iPad to convert VOB to iPad
21721-87$29.9575%$22.46 DownloadBuy PAD
ProRes Converter
ProRes 4444 encoder and ProRes 4444 decoder
21721-106$29.9575%$22.46 DownloadBuy PAD
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Total Video Converter

Bigasoft Total Video Converter

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Video Downloader Pro

Bigasoft Video Downloader Pro

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iPhone Ringtone Maker

Bigasoft iPhone Ringtone Maker

Express your personality.

Bigasoft VOB Converter

Bigasoft VOB Converter

Save your DVD discs.

iMovie Converter

Bigasoft iMovie Converter for Mac

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60-Day Unconditional
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