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How to convert MKV, AVI to WTV for Windows Media Center?

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WTV, Windows Media Center TV format, is used to store recorded SD and HD TV shows. MKV is a more popular video type for storing and sharing videos on many other media players, the internet, etc. Sometimes, people would like to manage, enjoy or stream MKV with Microsoft Windows Media Center. Since MKV can't be supported by WMC, you need to convert MKV to WTV which can be easily played or streamed to television set and certain media devices by WMC, such as Xbox 360.

Firstly, you need a video converter which does support video to WTV Conversion. Bigasoft WTV Converter version 4 added "WTV Windows Media Center Video (*.wtv)" profile for WMC users. You can convert any video formats to WTV with it and stream them to your media devices. Besides, encoding WTV videos from Windows Media Center to other formats, such as MKV, AVI, MP4, MOV, for playback on other media player or devices is possible with this WTV Converter. In this tip, we will take MKV to WTV conversion for example and show you step by step guide on how to convert MKV to WTV format with Bigasoft WTV Converter.

How to convert MKV to WTV?

Free download and install Bigasoft WTV Converter. Start the software and you will get the main interface:

Convert mkv to wtv

free download windows

Step 1 Add MKV video to Bigasoft WTV Converter

Click "Add file" to add original MKV video into the software or just drag and drop the video into the main interface to import it to the WTV Converter.

Step 2 Select WTV output format

Choose "WTV Windows Media Center Video (*.wtv)" profile and you can set other parameters, such as Video Size, Bitrate, Codec, Frame Rate on Advanced Settings panel.

Step 3 Start the MKV to WTV conversion

After all settings done, please click "Convert" button to start the conversion from MKV to WTV easily. After a few minutes, you will be able to add and play the MKV with Windows Media Center.

Convert mkv to wtv

Besides helping you get MKV into WTV format which Xbox can playback in Windows Media Center, Bigasoft WTV Converter also helps to convert other videos to WTV for WMC, such as AVI to WTV, VOB to WTV and vise versa.

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