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How to Convert M4A to OGG Easily?-Bigasoft Audio Converter will Show you.

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This article will make some introduction about M4A and OGG then show you the best way to convert M4A to OGG with Bigasoft Audio Converter for Mac.So if you are seeking a way to convert M4A to OGG, this is the article for you.

Also, if you are seeking a tool to convert OGG to M4A, M4A to AAC, M4A to AC3, M4A to FLAC, M4A to M4R, M4A to MP3, M4A to WAV, M4A to WMA, Bigasoft Audio Converter is still the answer.

Now let's learn something about M4A and OGG.

What is M4A ?

M4A stands for MPEG 4 Audio, it is a filename extension used to represent audio files. Apple Inc. started using and popularizing the .m4a filename extension, which is used for MP4 containers with audio data in the lossy Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) or its own Apple Lossless (ALAC) formats. Software capable of audio/video playback should recognize files with either .m4a or .mp4 filename extensions, as would be expected, since there are no file format differences between the two. Most software capable of creating MPEG-4 audio will allow the user to choose the filename extension of the created MPEG-4 files.

What is OGG?

OGG format is also a container that potentially allows for different streams of audio, video and metadata. Ogg Vorbis is the compression format. It provides medium to high quality audio at between 16 and 128 kbps/channel and is better quality sound than mp3. The OGG file type is a lossy codec which means that data is discarded as part of the compression technique, resulting in a smaller file size. Ogg files are optimised for music files, but will still be of acceptable quality for speech only files. . It is supported by devices such as Archos and Samsung but is not supported by Apple iOS devices.

Why do we choose Bigasoft Audio Converter to Convert M4A to OGG?

Two reasons:

First, it is the most powerful audio converters. Bigasoft Audio Converter will guarantee a fast, successful, and high quality conversion not only between M4A and OGG, but also between M4A, M4A and AAC, M4A and AC3, M4A and FLAC, M4A and M4R, M4A and MP3, M4A and WAV, M4A and WMA, or even any popular audio format at present.

Second, it is easy to use. It only takes three steps to convert M4A to OGG or hundreds of audios to other formats.

Bigasoft Audio Converter is the best way to convert M4A to OGG, M4R, WMA, APE, WAV, FLAC, OGG, APE, MP2, VQF, AAC, AUD, AIFF or any audio format that are available at present.

How to convert M4A to OGG?

First, download and launch the Bigasoft Audio Converter to make preparation.

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Second, three steps to convert M4A to OGG.

Step 1 Add the M4A files you want to convert to OGG.

Method 1: Drag the M4A file and drop it into the right field of the software

Method 2: Click Add File and choose the M4A file that you want to convert to OGG.

Tip: To do batch converting, you can add several files at the same time.

Step 2 Choose the output format OGG.

Step 3 Convert

Tip: If you do not set the destination, the converted file will be automatically stored in the folder named Bigasoft Audio Converter. If you want to put it somewhere else, you can click Browse button and set the access manually.

Done? Yes, as promised, only three steps.

the best way to convert m4a to ogg


Bigasoft Audio Converter is the best way to convert M4A to OGG. It can also convert M4A to AAC, M4A to AC3, M4A to FLAC, M4A to M4R , M4A to MP3 , M4A to WAV, M4A to WMA, and so on. It is easy to use. Meanwhile it is also a powerful Mac video to audio decoder which helps easily extract audio from video files like MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG, MPG, 3GP, DivX, Xvid, ASF, VOB, MKV, WMV, H.264, 3G2, FLV, MOD, TOD, MTS, WTV, WebM, etc.

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